We are delighted to present the media page dedicated to our esteemed consultants who are associated with NSIA. This platform offers a comprehensive collection of media coverage, interviews, articles, and expert opinions that highlight the invaluable insights and contributions of our consultants/associates in the field of investigations. From television interviews to newspaper articles and industry conferences, each piece provides a glimpse into their profound impact on the field of investigations.

Vijayshree Ramesh C. Madan

Career & Competition Times-Cover story

Mr. Akash Singh during an interaction with media

The Hindustan Times-The Indian Poirots

Mr. Akash Singh with Vijayshree Ramesh Madan while discussing the fuctionality of a detective instrument

Mr. Akash Singh during a site inspection for an NHAI project

Mr. Akash Singh during site inspection

Express magazine-Sleuthing,Indian Style

The Statesman - Mission Possible

The Times of India - A Home Grown Holmes

New Delhi-City Magazine- Cover Story

The Week-Super Snoopers

Mr. Akash Sngh as cross examiner in Mumbai Court

Mr. Akash SIngh alongwith Mr. M.S Mishra examining a forged document at Delhi University

Vijayshree Ramesh Madan alongwith Mr.Akash Singh while addressing the gathering

Rastriya Sahara-Super Sleuth of India

Sunday Mail - Gardish ki thokaron...

Vijayshree Ramesh Madan addressing the gathering

VijayShree Ramesh Madan receiving the lifetime achievement award from Hon'ble President of India 2009