Forensic Accounting

In-depth review of financial records to identify and probe fraud and other financial offenses.

Cryptocurrency Analysis

Tracing and scrutinizing transactions with cryptocurrencies to expose illicit activities like money laundering and fraud.

Handwriting and Document Analysis

Our experts utilize scientific techniques to examine handwriting, signatures, and documents, providing valuable insights for legal disputes, fraud investigations, and forgery detection.

Fingerprint Analysis

Our fingerprint experts employ advanced techniques to analyze fingerprints left at crime scenes or on various surfaces, aiding in identification, linking suspects to crimes, and assisting in criminal investigations.

DNA Analysis

We provide consultation, expert opinion, and detailed analysis of the DNA report to identify individuals, establish biological relationships, and provide critical evidence in criminal cases, paternity disputes, and cold case investigations.

Consultation and Training

We offer consultation services to individuals, businesses, and legal professionals seeking guidance on forensic matters. Additionally, we provide training programs and workshops to enhance understanding and skills in various forensic disciplines.

Digital Forensics

Our experts employ state-of-the-art technology and methodologies to extract and analyze digital evidence from computers, mobile devices, and other digital media. This includes data recovery, cybercrime investigations, electronic discovery, and analysis of digital footprints.

Insurance Investigations

Our agency assists insurance companies in verifying claims, detecting fraudulent activities, Claims fraud, and conducting thorough investigations into suspicious cases. We provide comprehensive reports and evidence to support informed decision-making in insurance-related matters.

Legal Support Services

We offer a range of legal support services, including expert witness testimony, litigation support, document analysis, and case preparation. Our team works closely with legal professionals to provide valuable insights and evidence for courtroom proceedings.

Forensic Accounting & Auditing

Our forensic accountants specialize in financial investigations, including identifying financial irregularities, uncovering embezzlement, and providing litigation support in complex financial disputes. We utilize forensic accounting techniques to analyze financial records and transactions meticulously.

Criminal Psychology

Our forensic psychologists apply their expertise in human behavior and psychology to provide insights into criminal profiling, witness credibility assessments, and the evaluation of mental states in legal cases.

Expert Witness Testimony

Our forensic experts are qualified and experienced in providing expert witness testimony in court proceedings, offering professional opinions and technical analysis to assist in legal proceedings.

Ballistics and Firearm Examination

We provide consultation, expert opinion, and detailed analysis of ballistic reports.