Corporate Investigations and Risk Assessments

We specialize in conducting thorough investigations into corporate fraud, Print & Media Investigations, employee misconduct, intellectual property theft, Political Investigation, and other internal or external threats to businesses. Our services help organizations safeguard their assets, protect their reputation, and mitigate risks.

Background Checks

We conduct comprehensive background checks to provide valuable insights into individuals or organizations. Our investigations include verification of employment history, educational qualifications, criminal records, Biometric profiling, and reputation assessments, enabling informed decision-making in various contexts.

Surveillance and Monitoring

We utilize advanced surveillance techniques to gather valuable evidence. Our surveillance services are crucial in cases involving infidelity, insurance fraud, suspected wrongdoing, or any situation where discreet observation is required.

Missing Persons

We specialize in locating missing persons, including runaway children, lost relatives, or individuals involved in legal disputes. Our dedicated team employs comprehensive search techniques and utilizes vast resources to reunite families or assist in legal proceedings.

Asset Tracing

Our detectives are skilled in tracing assets, including locating hidden assets, identifying financial discrepancies, and assisting in recovery efforts during divorce cases, business disputes, or financial investigations.

Personal Injury Investigations

We conduct investigations to gather evidence and determine liability in personal injury cases. Our meticulous approach includes accident reconstruction, witness interviews, and evidence collection to support legal proceedings.

Intellectual Property Protection

We assist individuals and businesses in protecting their intellectual property rights, including trademarks, copyrights, and patents. Our investigators gather evidence of infringement, track counterfeit products, and support legal actions to safeguard our clients' creations.

Undercover Operations

Our experienced detectives employ undercover techniques to uncover illegal activities, such as drug trafficking, organized crime, or employee misconduct. These operations provide critical insights for law enforcement agencies or private clients.

Due Diligence

We conduct comprehensive due diligence investigations for individuals and businesses, assessing potential risks and verifying information before entering into partnerships, investments, or contractual agreements.

Litigation Support

Our agency provides litigation support services, including gathering evidence, locating witnesses, and providing expert witness testimony to support legal cases in various domains.